• Munster Football Under 15 B Champions!

    Munster Football Under 15 B Champions!

  • November - A month to reflect and remember

    November - A month to reflect and remember

  • Movember Madness

    Movember Madness

  • Fashion Forward! Fashion Show 2015

    Fashion Forward! Fashion Show 2015

  • The Oratory

    The Oratory

  • All Ireland Junior B Ladies Football Champions 2015!

    All Ireland Junior B Ladies Football Champions 2015!

  • The campus of John the Baptist C.S.

    The campus of John the Baptist C.S.

  • School Awards Night

    School Awards Night

  • Oratory decorated for Autumn by Sr. Brenda

    Oratory decorated for Autumn by Sr. Brenda

  • Success at the 50th BT Young Scientist Exhibition.

    Success at the 50th BT Young Scientist Exhibition.

  • Munster Rugby Champions

    Munster Rugby Champions

  • Young Social Innovators Competition Speak Out, Lime Tree Theatre, MI

    Young Social Innovators Competition Speak Out, Lime Tree Theatre, MI

  • Thomas Meagher Foundation Flag Presentation, March 2015

    Thomas Meagher Foundation Flag Presentation, March 2015

  • "Doodle for Google" Competition - Chloé O'Dwyer's fairytale fantasy - won group from over 5000 entries!

    "Doodle for Google" Competition - Chloé O'Dwyer's fairytale fantasy - won group from over 5000 entries!

  • Award winning entry from TY in the Limerick City St. Patrick's Day Parade 2015

    Award winning entry from TY in the Limerick City St. Patrick's Day Parade 2015

  • "Hairspray!" TY musical 2014

    "Hairspray!" TY musical 2014

  • JBCS Fashion Show 2015

    JBCS Fashion Show 2015


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our school website. Whether you are a prospective parent or student or just interested in the breadth of activities and programmes (academic and otherwise) that make up our school, we hope that you will be able to find what you need here. There is a long tradition of education in Hospital dating back to the the 1890's and with our new state-of-the-art campus opened in 1999, we are proud to continue this tradition into the new millenium.

As well as information about the school, we have a number of resources for parents and students. These include a sample of the information sheets developed in the school to help parents e.g. tips for parent-teacher meetings. The students section includes a summary of our careers service as well as links to other useful online resources.

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Debs Ball 2016

We wish all Sixth Year students a wonderful night at their Debs Ball this coming Wednesday, the 13th of July in Ballykisteen Hotel and Golf Resort. Parents are reminded that students must be collected at 2:00am and all those attending are asked to bring identification/proof of age. 

We thank the Parents Association and the Debs commitee for their tireless efforts to orgainise this special event to mark the end of their time in the school and to celebrate all their memories and experiences over the past six years. We hope that it is a fantatsic and enjoyable night for all those involved. 

Mental Health Day for Sixth Years

In a world that is packed with pressures and so stress-saturated, there is a growing need to help people realise that "Mental Health Matters!". In a society where, ironically, the technology of communication soars at the same pace as personal isolation and loneliness deepens, there is a growing demand within each one of us for the wonderful power and the fragile nature of the human mind to be reawakened. We must face up to the simple and sometimes awful truth that this is a matter of life and death.

2015-12-16 14.16.39

To address this formidable and sometimes alarming certainty we, here at John the Baptist Community School, set out on a maiden mental voyage. On Wednesday December 16th we engaged in a full day, with our sixth year students, in matters of the mind – it's health, care and well being. With the professional and generous help of a wonderful team of speakers (Bernadette Kenny and Joanie Carrig <Red Box Creative Music/Art Therapy>, Michelle O'Connor <"My Mind" Positive Mental Health>, Amanda Clifford <"Myself" Uniquely You / building resilience>, Jim Meaney <Console Suicide/Stress>, and Rebecca Griffin and Patrick Fitzgerald <"Stress">). During an interactive day filled with key facts, crucial information and imperative fun, our most senior students were coached on how to mind their 'mind', how to recognise important tell-tale signs, how to seek help, coping styles and mechanisms and all the care and support systems and structures that are available. It is simply not just enough to 'advise' those who do not feel well. In the comedy 'Andria' (166 BC) by Terence the ancient Roman playwright, it jests: "Facile omnes quom valemus recta consilia aegrotis damus" <'When healthy, we all have wonderful advice for the sick'>. We, in a more concrete and realistic approach, must remind and reassure people that it is OK not to be OK. Talk to some one! Your mind belongs to yourself – mind your self! Is the subject delicate? Yes. Do we need to "de-taboo" it in our society? Yes.

By speaking openly and honestly about mental health, only then will we begin to change the cultural attitude to the wrongful stigmatisation of this subject of concern. The American young adult writer, Matthew Quick, states; "The problem with the stigma around mental health is really about the stories that we tell ourselves as a society. What is normal? That's just a story that we tell ourselves." This journey of active reflection, in our school, was all about the raw truth regarding our mental well being. This wonderful and successful day was crowned with a Christmas party which reiterated the fact that how we are treated establishes within us a value and a health-confidence that can make all the difference. A huge and sincere "thank you" to everyone who played their part to make this day, the first of a new and essential trend, such and enormous and fruitful triumph; for, at the end of the day, who knows – a talk today can change forever.

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“John the Baptist ladies produce the goods again to claim All Ireland Victory”

JTBCS 1-11

Holy Rosary College 1-6

Lidl are the new sponsors of the LGFA this year and they have a new slogan, “serious athletes deserve serious support”, today anyone lucky enough to be in Gort’s GAA ground got to witness some very serious athletes performing at the very highest level. The athletes in question came from John the Baptist Community School Hospital, Co Limerick and Holy Rosary College Mountbellew, Co. Galway. They served up an exhibition of football with John the Baptist CS coming out on top after 60+ minutes.

The opening minutes of the game were intense with both teams attempting to get a foothold. Mountbellew had the wind with them and looked eager to capitalise, as they ran at the JTBCS defence the JTBCS ladies stood firm and broke down successive attacks. Both teams in the early stages could be accused of being a little scrappy in attack as they struggled to find the final killer ball. Mountbellew also missed two frees in the opening exchanges, they were the first on the scoresheet though with a well taken point by centre forward Aoife Thompson after 7 minutes.

This seemed to spark JTBCS into life and they got the next two scores from the ever accurate boot of Anna Rose Kennedy. Around the pitch the JTBCS ladies were working very hard, Kate O’Meara carried a lot of ball forward as did Gráinne Ryan and Caitlin Kennedy in midfield but they were not getting any clear cut goal chances that they seemed to be looking for. Chloe Miskell looked very dangerous at all times for Mountbellew, her frightening change of pace seemed like it would cause serious trouble. Some astute tactical knowhow nullified her threat as Katie Heelan was given the task of shadowing Miskell, one she was more than capable of the words “tough as nails” come to mind when describing Katie. Another stalwart of the JTBCS defence Maeve McCarty, was also excellent throughout the game and she dealt with a very dangerous ball from a long range free on 18 minutes as Mountbellew continued to look for any chinks in the armour of JTBCS.

Even though scores were limited on occasions in the first half it was an utterly enthralling affair, the quality of tackling was outstanding from both sides. Niamh O’Brien and Michelle Donovan were not giving an inch in the full back line. Miskell did manage to produce a moment of individual brilliance though to complete a mazy run with a well taken point on 20 minutes, she also took a great free on 27 minutes. Niamh Holland made sure that the Mountbellew defensive unit had plenty to think about as she made several powerful runs, one ending with a selfless hand pass for Anna Rose to slot over a point.

In the closing minutes of the first half Mountbellew assaulted the JTBCS defence, Áine Murray took a great long-range point that struck the right upright for them on 30 minutes and they tacked on a further point before the break. Niamh Holland got one back on the stroke of halftime to steady the ship. At this point it is apt to mention the performance of the JTBCS half backline consisting of Gráinne Kennedy, Gráinne Condon and Ava Hartigan which continuously thwarted the Mountbellew attack and their pressure led to the crucial sin-binning of Emma Flanagan on the stroke of half time.

As the ref blew for half time the supporters got a chance to catch their breath and take stock, Mountbellew led by five points to four and picking a winner seemed like a futile task, everyone was a little apprehensive about what the second half might bring. JTBCS made one change at half-time bringing on Maeve Barry for Gráinne Kennedy who had given everything in the opening half.

Irish people, seem to have an unhealthy obsession with the weather and this year we were treated to our storms getting names. JTBCS had the wind in the second half and to all that were present from the throw in it was evident that storm “Kennedy” had just landed. Caitlin won the ball and found Anna Rose in space; she dispatched the ball over the bar after a sub-total of ten seconds. This was followed quickly by another score from Niamh Holland who was on fire in attack. Another who was really growing into the match was Andrea O’Sullivan she put on a powerful display, a prime example being when she won a throw in on the forty five, ran straight at the heart of the Mountbellew defence and pointed, big games call for big players and she didn’t hide from the task. In truth every one of the JTBCS ladies were giving their all and the opposition were struggling with the change of pace.

One of the scores of the match came on 40 minutes from Ava Hartigan who got the ball on her defensive 45 and just kept running, it looked like the options in front of her were limited so she decided to go alone and struck the ball from range off the left, it landed dangerously in front of Katie Fleming the Mountbellew keeper and she watched it bounce over the bar. Mountbellew were in trouble and they failed to break down the stoic JTBCS defence, Maeve Barry kept up the tone that Gráinne had set before her and she refused to let anyone get the better of her.

Anna Rose kept the scoreboard ticking over with anther free and was unlucky not to score a goal on 45 minutes, she was knocking on the door though and finally it opened on 50 minutes. Keely Baggot replaced Captain Eimear Daly who had worked tirelessly for 46 minutes, Keely’s excellent link play was crucial in the Goal for Anna Rose, Caitlin brought the ball out of defence and picked out Anna Rose with laser like accuracy, she then played a delightful one, two with Keely and hammered the ball into the Mountbellew net.

The JTBCS crowd who were brilliant throughout were really finding their voice at this time, and their support deserves a mention. The highlights were a slightly surreal rendition of the Savage Garden classic, “truly, madly deeply”, and Mr. School Morale, Cormac “Mackey” Hanley wielding a bodhrán and dressed as a Bumble Bee, running gracefully up and down in front of the stand. Even though Cormac was dressed as a bee, it was Mountbellew that showed that they had a sting left in the tail. They refused to go down without a fight and on 52 minutes, corner forward Catherine Finnerty gave Emer McCarty no chance in the JTBCS goal. Cool heads were called for at this point and none were cooler then Emer, who straight after the goal resumed normal service by finding a team mate from the kick out, she was solid through the entire game and marshalled her defence expertly.

In the final few minutes, JTBCS showed their experience and never really looked like they were in trouble, they continued to run at the Mountbellew defence and the likes of Gráinne Condon and Gráinne Ryan kept taking the game to the opposition. This pressure led to another sin binning for Mountbellew with Sarah Flattery getting a yellow. A super individual point from Niamh Holland after another confident run put the icing on the cake for JTBCS on 57 minutes. Chloe Miskell did add another point for Mountbellew in the dying minutes of the game, but resistance was futile and scenes of sheer elation ensued at the final whistle, with the ladies of JTBCS bringing another historic All Ireland title to the school.

As Eimear Daly held the All Ireland trophy aloft, the achievement of the JTBCS ladies began to sink in. Eimear spoke extremely well on receiving the trophy and one thing that stuck in the mind was the high esteem that she and her team mates held their mentors Seamus Dollery and Michelle Buckley. They have put so much work in with the ladies of JTBCS and the recent success is no surprise to those that are aware of their commitment. They have helped mould these young adults into the match winning and well-rounded individuals that they are, they are truly a credit to the school. Staff and fellow students are immensely proud of them. Unfortunately, it is the last year some of our senior ladies are in the school but their legacy is sure to keep on with the young players coming through. One such young player was awarded “player of the match”, this player was the extraordinary Caitlin Kennedy who happens to be 13 years old, I think ladies football in JTBCS is in safe hands.

Report by Mr. Balfry

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